At Eyher we design and manufacture transfer carts and AGVs with all the control and manoeuvrability options on indoor and outdoor surfaces to transport, lift, load and unload loads from 5 Tm. 

General characteristics: 

  • Remote control or AGV 

  • Hydraulic and electric motorization 

  • With connection to electric grid or battery powered (Lead, Lithium) with built-in charger or charging in parking position.


EYHER has been certified by Lloyd’s Register, in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard with the approval number ISO 9001 – 0034881. The scope of this approval is applicable to the design, manufacture, marketing and technical assistance service of lifting, turning and automated transport equipment (transfer carts and AGVs) for industrial uses 


Eyher offers the possibility of remotely directing the transfer carts or that they circulate autonomously (AGV) under different navigation systems: independent or integrated in central control. 

01 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) 


  • AGV Optical

  • AGV with wire or magnetic conductor 

  • AGV with GPS for exterior guidance 

02 Remote control 

By means of remote control and / or pushbutton pendant station as an alternative rescue option. 

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Transfer Carts


From rails to omnidirectionality depending on the path to be made 

Manoeuvrability is one of the main aspects to take into account when defining the transfer cart. For this we realise a study each need and the path (lay out) to be carried out by the cart / AGV. Both for a straight course, as well as for complex manoeuvres or small turning radii. Both for a rectilinear path, as well as for complex or small turning radii maneuvers. These aspects, together with the dimensions of the load and the required control, lead to the technically most appropriate and economical sufficient choice of the steering system for the transfer cart / AGV. 


From industrial ground to outdoor 

The type of ground, its grip and sliding, as well as possible obstacles (rails), imperfections, potholes, etc. they influence the choice of the wheel cover and the damping system of the transfer cart / AGV. 

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We have autonomous, versatile vehicles adapted to the most demanding needs 


Directive 2006/42 / CE of the European Parliament on machines establishes the technical requirements that machines and their safety components must meet. 

The CE marking of machines is the testimony incorporated in the machine in which it certifies that it complies with all Community Directives. 

  • Emergency stop switch 

    Work lights and sound devices 

  • Bumpers 

    Safety to avoid collisions and accidents. 

  • Working lights and acoustic devices 
  • Security Laser Scanner 

    Compact equipment that scans the environment and measures distances in protection zones 

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EYHER also has a wide range of trailers between 10Tn and 100Tn as an alternative to autonomous carts / AGVs. These trailers are towed by a tractor unit and can incorporate:

  • Hydraulic or inertia brake. 

  • Automatic hitch. 

  • Cradle for coils 

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